Who We Are

Enhanced Rehabilitation Services

Enhanced Rehabilitation Services is a locally owned and operated clinician run agency located in Chesterland, Ohio. We are a full-service home health care provider, with a specialty in rehabilitation services.

Our dedicated core of 16 staff members has certifications in the areas of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work and home care aide.

Being a clinician run organization, our entire management and direct care staff has had experience working with patients and understanding their needs. Our mindset is to focus on a patient-centered model that emphasizes letting the skilled professionals make the plan of care decisions with the patient and not for the patient.

As a team, we simplified the lines of communication for our patients by giving direct access to their nurses and therapists for when questions or issues arise.

In many cases, we act as an advisor to families giving them individualized one on one care and ensuring they always get the best care through the rehab process. Even after our patients are finished with rehab, we are here as an educational resource if questions arise.


Enhanced offers many different nursing services ranging from post medical/surgical care and diabetic management to physical therapy....



To help measure a patient’s progress of regaining your balance and strength, we use measuring tools that are specific to...


Home Care Aide

At Enhanced Rehabilitation Services we offer our patients short-intermittent personal care in the comfort of their own homes....