Managing Diabetes in Your Life

Diabetes management takes an in-depth look into person’s overall lifestyle and routine to determine how it affects their blood sugar. Throughout the day a person’s blood sugar can rise and fall based upon activity levels, food, medication, illness, and even stress.

At Enhanced Rehabilitation Services our ultimate goal for diabetes patients is to keep sugar levels at a safe level for daily activity. We train patients and loved ones on how to correctly operate and read their glucometers. In addition, we teach our diabetic patients the process of self-titration to ensure they can successfully manage their medication daily. Furthermore, skin care treatment will be required to prevent and combat diabetic skin ulcers.

How we Help Patients with Diabetes

By working with Enhanced Rehabilitation Services, we strive to accomplish each one of the following for our diabetic clients:

  • Provide a better quality of life
  • Reduce risks of open sores and wounds
  • Prevent rehospitalizations and rehab stays
  • Become independent with monitoring blood sugar levels
  • Become independent with insulin administration, if applicacle
  • Improve motor functions and control
  • Help them get off of some medications
  • Improve energy levels by creating the right diet

Talk to a Diabetic Specialist Today

If you have been diagnosed with or are at risk of diabetes gives us a call today. We can set up an appointment for you and one of the diabetic specialists to talk about your specific needs, and what can be done to help manage the situation.