Managing Your Pain in Your Home

The purpose of pain management is to minimize pain to allow patients to perform activities with less discomfort and interference. Additionally, when patients are using pain medications, we strive to get them off the prescriptions or at the very least reduce the intake. Initially, we determine if the problem the patient is seeking help for is an actual dysfunction or if the medication is masking the symptoms. In other words, is this problem correctable or not? An ailment such as Arthritis does not have a fix, but the effects can be lessened for people. Conversely, a pinched nerve caused by an impingement may be being masked by medication, and in most cases can be corrected.

What problems may require pain management?

On any given day millions of people suffer from some form of chronic pain. Unfortunately, many people go through life suffering from dysfunction or a correctable ailment merely because they don’t seek the help. Often these ailments impact a person’s ability to have a productive life to the point that one cannot perform everyday tasks and activities such as eating, sleeping, and dressing.

Goals of Pain Management

The level of in In-Home Pain Management is going to depend on the individual and their needs. Our pain management specialists strive to meet the following goals for our patients:

  • Improve ability to walk, use stairs, eat with less stomach irritation
  • Allow for better rest and sleep
  • Reduce the number of medications you are taking with medication management
  • Develop and maintain a nutritional program to support your needs.
  • In some instances, resolve the problem entirely.

Why Choose Us For Your Pain Management?

At Enhanced Rehabilitation Services we take pride in holding ourselves to a high standard of treatment. We take an interdisciplinary approach to pain management bringing nurses, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, and various others to help solve or reduce each person’s problems. Give us a call today to get started. We are here to answer your questions.