What is In-Home Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy employs exercises, massage techniques, electric stimulation and treatment with ice and heat to help patients treat various diseases and injuries. When people find that movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, illnesses, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors it may be time to look to a physical therapist for guidance.

Our physical therapists provide services that aid people in improving, managing, and recovering their mobility and functionality. One of the main benefits of working with Enhanced Rehabilitation Services is that we can accomplish all three from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, physical therapists strive to focus on a patient’s overall quality of life, diving into the physical, psychological, emotional, and social areas of an individual’s health. To help measure a patient’s progress of regaining your balance and strength, we use measuring tools that are specific to the problem.

Benefits of in-home physical therapy care.

The advantages of Enhanced Rehabilitation Services in-home physical therapy programs are wide-ranging depending on your condition, and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reducing risks of contractures for multiple sclerosis, quadriplegic, and stroke patients.
  • Stair Negotiation, Driving, Fall Prevention Programs
  • Vestibular Program that works with inner ear issues, aiding the prevention of falls.
  • Improvement of transfer capabilities, gait, and balance.
  • By getting physical therapists involved, we can get your strength back and get you back to where you gain your independence again.
  • Maintenance Programs are in place for patients with progressive diseases that can prevent or slow the disease from progressing.

What problems may require physical therapy?

It is often a common question whether a problem can be solved or made better through a physical therapy treatment. The following are a list of ailments that may require or benefit from physical therapy:

  • Neurological diseases that are dealing with motor control issues, such as reducing tremors for Parkinson’s patients.
  • Loss of muscle or endurance due to a specific disease, reduction in mobility, or loss of function, also known as deconditioning.
  • After surgery for hip, knee or other joint replacements where there is any loss of movement, strength, and range of motion.
  • Stroke, dementia, paraplegic, and quadriplegic patients
  • Workers Compensation for someone who suffered an injury on the job.
  • Pain Management to reduce or minimize pain during normal activities.
  • Hip replacements require specific protocols for incisions. Physical therapy massages across incision lines to help incisions heal the proper way.
  • After back surgeries are complete, they require pain management.

We make it our goal to tailor your physical therapy to and rehabilitation services to your situation. Each patient’s needs and goals are different depending on countless variables. We expect only the best treatment from our highly qualified and caring physical therapists whose sole purpose is to improve your health and overall well-being.

The number one goal we have for you is to attain your highest level of functionality and mobility through a personal physical therapy plan that incorporates various treatments and rehabilitation services.Our goal is to restore your highest level of function through individual physical therapy treatments and rehabilitation services to get you back to living a full and active life.

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