What type of services do we provide with medical social work?

The medical social work we provide assists patients and their caretakers in planning for in-home treatment and looking at the long-term goals. This type of service could include:

  • Facilitate with order and placement of proper equipment in the home.
  • Educate patient on the availability of financial aid and assistance from the government, insurance, or other outside resources.
  • Establish long-term goals for placement in the home or long-term facilities, home health care aides, and education needed for home care needs.
  • Coordinating with outside resources that are available for the patient to utilize that will help maintain their safety and independence, while in the home or a facility.
  • Place them in contact with different senior groups.
  • Help get people set up on government assistance such as Passport or Medicaid.

Why would a patient need medical social work assistance?

It is common that we find patients do not understand all the assistance that is available to them in their time of need. Our job is to educate people and caretakers on that numerous resources available within the community. For example, many of our veterans are unaware of specialized services that are available to them. In many cases, patients do not know what help and equipment are available to them through insurance and outside assistance. Furthermore, there comes a time when conversations need to be had about the next steps for loved ones, and that is where we help physicians and families talk through the process.

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